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Jodi Beasley
Sr. Project Manager

Jodi has 20 years of CPG experience. She was formerly Director of Strategic Innovation for San Francisco’s Center for Culinary Development, leading projects for Campbell’s, Frito-Lay, Con-Agra, Kellogg’s, Nestle and Taco Bell. Jodi was also marketing manager for, and got her start with J…

Stacey Lawrence
Managing Director

Stacey is a Managing Director at GameChanger. She was formerly Director of Marketing for Peet’s Coffee & Tea. She has also led marketing efforts for a variety of small companies and start-ups, including Ghirardelli Chocolate, Red Envelope and Charles Schwab. She was also formerly Sr.…

AC Pro

Starting with our integrated concept build process, GameChanger identified critical consumer insights that led to the development of this new do-it-yourself AC recharge line that saves consumers over $100 per use vs. traditional AC repairs. GameChanger developed the package, name, logo and label for the…

Torani Coffee Flavorings

GameChanger helped this ubiquitous coffee flavoring develop a new retail marketing strategy by conducting Moneyball Marketing tests in supermarkets – to drive greater home use. GameChanger’s testing identified unique marketing approaches that significantly increased brand sales and generated a fast payback.

Smart Cup

Smart Cup is the first disposable French Press coffee cup. It provides a superior cup of coffee while reducing operational costs – part of our Integrated Business Model. GameChanger built the consumer proposition for this concept, including the name, logo and package design and positioning/…

Valvoline NextGen

Starting with our Integrated Concept Build process we helped Valvoline identify opportunities in the sustainable space. NextGen is the first motor oil to use recycled oil – to reduce drilling of new crude oil. GameChanger built the NextGen concept and name and market tested the…

The Black Hole

GameChanger helped develop this “edgy” line of NFL merchandise based on the Oakland Raiders’ fanatical end zone fans. The merchandise was tested through our Internet Lab online sales program.

Clorox Green Works

GameChanger team members developed and tested this successful new product line for Clorox at a cost of less than $300K. In Year I (2008) Green Works achieved over $100 million in revenue. The line continued to expand in Years II and III, adding laundry detergent…

Annie’s Homegrown

Using our 360-Review Process we helped Annie’s develop a more effective growth and channel strategy that allowed the company to continue to appeal to its core natural organic consumers through the natural food channel while further expanding into the mass market with Target and other…

Lisa Coto
Project Manager

Lisa is a Project Manager who has worked on projects for General Mills, Nestle, InBev and IDEO.  Prior to joining GameChanger, Lisa managed online marketing efforts for Clear Channel Radio and Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean “Diddy” Combs marketing company, now a division of Warner Music.