Moneyball Marketing – Get more out of your ad budget

Moneyball Marketing – Get more out of your ad budget

Read about the new marketing program everyone is talking about –Moneyball Marketing – in Larry Popelka’s latest Businessweek Article,

“Why Geeks are the Best Marketers.”

Moneyball Marketing is a new approach to marketing that has helped companies with small ad budgets out-market big spenders.  Glaceau Vitamin Water, Proactiv Solution and Netflix all used Moneyball tactics to out-market and out-sell larger competitors.

Moneyball Marketing is simple and intuitive while combining the best thinking from MMA/MMM Models, Direct Response, CRM and Internet Selling approaches.

Most companies are still investing in advertising that doesn’t pay out.  Moneyball Marketing ensures that every dollar produces a positive return – either through new consumer acquisition or retention.

Many great new products fail because they are launched with marketing plans that do not efficiently stimulate sales.  By conducting Moneyball Marketing tests during the development cycle, you can ensure that your next new product launch will be a success.

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