Why GM dissed Facebook and the Super Bowl – and what it means for marketers

GM vs. Facebook and Super Bowl

Business Week article

Read GameChanger CEO Larry Popelka’s latest Bloomberg Businessweek article on Social Media, and find out why GM and some other big marketers dislike it.

GM Doesn’t Get Social Media

Three days before Facebook’s initial public offering, General Motors (GM) announced it was pulling its Facebook (FB) ads and criticized the social network for failing to deliver results. Then on Friday the carmaker declared it was killing its 2013 Super Bowl advertising, calling it “overpriced.”

GM is a big advertiser—the third-largest in the U.S.—with a lot of clout, and some view these announcements as an indictment of these two ad mediums. But really they’re much more telling of GM’s own lack of social media prowess.…(click here to read more)

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