Build your new product in 6 weeks

Build your New Product Today

People don’t know what they want until you show it to them” – Steve Jobs

If you’ve got a great new product idea, you need to build it and see if anyone will buy it.  At GameChanger we are dedicated to helping companies do this.  We can source most consumer packaged goods products in sellable quantities in just 6-8 weeks for as little as $10-25K.

Instead of wasting more money on theoretical research studies, get your product out there and see if anyone will buy it.  Call us today, and we’ll help you build your next test product.

We’ve been building new products for companies as diverse as General Mills, Valvoline and Pepsico.

Don’t settle for slow, legacy innovation processes.  Be a game changer – and make it happen today!

Do you have some innovative new concepts that are stuck in your pipeline?  Let us help you unlock their potential.  Send me a note at: [email protected]

Michael Barde, Manager Business Development