Test New Packages and Labels in Real Stores before you Launch

Package Testing 2.0

GameChanger’s Retail Lab store test is gaining popularity as a better way to test new packages or package/ label changes.

For years package testing has been a source of headaches for researchers, as it is easy to make a bad decision based on traditional research methodologies – which are not real-world.  What consumers select in an artificial research setting and what they actually buy off the shelf on a shopping trip are often different.

Eight years ago, Pepsi’s Tropicana brand lost 20% of its business from a misguided package redesign that was tested extensively using traditional research tools – and that traditional research predicted would increase sales.

GameChanger has conducted real store package testing through our Retail Lab on a variety of products/ brands, and the outcomes were often surprising – some saving our clients tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Our tests all use real stores, with consumers spending real money on real products.  Consumers do not know they are a part of a test.  Our results measure actual purchasing behavior.  As a result, our tests are the only tests that are truly projectable to the real world.

A key to our Retail Lab testing is careful store selection and management.  While it is possible to test new products and packages through retailer store-test programs or traditional Controlled Store tests, the outcomes of these tests often have a high level of variability.  The “noise” in the data from these tests often makes it difficult to measure real differences.

GameChanger has eliminated this problem by better controlling store conditions.  For GameChanger’s Retail Lab Tests, we station a dedicated on-the-ground test manager in test and control stores to ensure shelf conditions remain consistent and product is always in-stock.  Our in-store test manager works both test and control stores to eliminate any bias between cells.  We have found the presence of our test manager reduces random data variability by over 50% – making statistical confidence intervals much more reliable.

In addition, with all of our tests, we offer optional Shopper Intercept Research to understand reasons why consumers are buying or not buying your new package to help you better understand outcomes and further optimize your package.

GameChanger has existing relationships with a wide range of retailers across a variety of channels, and GameChanger handles all set-up and execution with them on a turn-key basis – so all you have to do is schedule the test and decide upon your test parameters.  Our Retail Lab tests start at just $35K, including all retailer fees, set-up and data analysis, with a full-on test running $65K.

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