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Oaktown Crickets, Recycled Food, Mushroom Snacks, Biodiversity and other Food Trends

Fancy Food Show 2019 GameChanger visited the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco earlier this month to identify hot new food trends.  Here are the highlights: 1. Recycled Food – Over one-third of all food produced globally is wasted, while nearly 1 Billion people go…

Mobile Grocery Stores, Ingestible Sensors, Smart Bathrooms… and other innovations from CES 2019

12 New Technologies GameChanger was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week to check out new technologies likely to impact the consumer goods industry.  Here are the highlights: 1. Mobile Grocery Stores – Instead of going to the grocery store, the grocery…

Audy Baack
Managing Director

Audy has been a successful consumer packaged goods marketer for almost 20 years with ConAgra Foods, Clorox and Central Garden & Pet.  A Harvard University graduate, Audy has a strong background in statistical analysis and first started working with GameChanger co-founders Larry Popelka and Sandy…

Brenda Sanchez

Brenda is a Marketing Associate who recently graduated from the University of California Merced. Prior to joining GameChanger, Brenda managed Graphics Design and Social Media for the UC Merced admissions and marketing departments. She also worked at start-ups Stitch Fix and Renaissance Specialty Cakes.

Jessica Vu
Jr. Project Manager

Jessica is a Junior Project Manager at GameChanger.  She has worked for GameChanger since 2015, helping to lead projects for the Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, Bush’s Beans and the Campbell’s Soup Company.  Prior to joining GameChanger, Jessica worked for SocioNext Semiconductors and graduated from the University…

Emily Liang
Sr. Associate

Emily is a Senior Associate who is a recent graduate of the University of California Berkeley with degrees in Economics and Statistics.  Prior to joining GameChanger, Emily worked for start-up FireEye in customer marketing.  She also worked for the Energy Institute at Haas Business School,…

Hemp Soda, Edible flowers, Root Drinks at Fancy Food Show

Top New Product Trends at Fancy Food Show The 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show came to San Francisco this week, including a wide number of innovative new foods.  Here are our picks for the Top 10 Food Trends spotted at the show. 1. Protein-Infused Everything. …

Robot Waiters, Self-Cleaning Toilets at CES

Top 10 CES Innovations The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was last week in Las Vegas, with more than a few Wow new products.  Here is our Top 10 List of game-changing innovations: 1. Virgin Hyperloop One – This is an all-new mode of transportation…

Tom Spargo
Sr. Project Manager

Tom is a former IBM Retail/CPG consultant that has worked on Information Strategy projects at WalMart, Kroger, and Pepsi. He is also an expert at Japanese/American business tie-ups having worked on the integration of Seven & I Holdings with their acquisition, Seven Eleven.

Cheryl Hsaw
Jr. Project Manager

Cheryl is a Junior Project Manager at GameChanger.  Prior to joining GameChanger she spent 3 years at General Mills as a Customer Account Manager for the cereal brands.  At GameChanger, Cheryl has managed Retail Lab testing projects for Nestle, Pepsi and Hormel.