GameChanger Retail Lab™ now at Sprouts

GameChanger Testing with Sprouts stores

The Natural grocery segment now tops $100 Billion in annual sales – and has grown double-digits for the past 10 years.  Are you getting your share?

GameChanger is proud to announce a testing program at Sprouts Farmers Market, the fastest-growing large format natural foods retailer with over 150 stores in 11 states.

We offer these tests at Sprouts stores:

GameChanger Weekend Lab™ – Evaluate and optimize new product potential based on real sales to 200-300 consumers in one weekend for as little as $40K.

GameChanger Full Retail Lab™ – Gain a full assessment of your product with a 100-store-week test.  Test different price levels, shelf placements and marketing tactics for as little as $85K.

Shopper Intercept Research – Understand how shoppers respond to your product on shelf.  Evaluate new concepts, packages or marketing ideas in a real store environment for as little as $15K.

Buy-HUT Test™ – Replace the classic IHUT with our Buy-HUT – In Home research conducted with consumers who actually bought your product with their hard-earned cash.

Marketing Mix Analysis – Evaluate sales response to new marketing tactics placed by zip code around our test stores. GameChanger handles development, placement and analysis for as little as $10K per tactic.