The New 5 Ps

The marketing world is rapidly changing and traditional marketing approaches are becoming less and less effective. The original 5 P’s of marketing have been replaced by a new 5 P’s. These are the critical drivers of success that every marketer today needs to learn:

  1. Purpose.

    Brands today need to fill a higher-order, greater-good benefit for their loyal users.

  2. Passion.

    It is better to be loved passionately by some and hated by others than to be “average.”

  3. Personality.

    Brands with real personalities beat sterile corporate approaches.

  4. Precision.

    Find the fanatics that love you and enable them to spread your gospel through more targeted marketing.

  5. Pace.

    Get to market fast on a small scale and learn. Build the right approach for consumers and retailers – then expand.