Moneyball Marketing

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Learn how, Apple Computer, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Proactiv Solution, Netflix and others used Moneyball Marketing tactics to out-market larger competitors with ad budgets several times their size.

Like the “Moneyball” movie, Moneyball Marketing is all about redefining your metrics – to find higher-impact, under-valued approaches. Instead of measuring GRPs, reach and frequency, successful marketers today need to focus on conversion rates, retention rates and revenue per customer.

Moneyball Marketing combines these new metrics with low-cost, iterative testing of alternative marketing tactics. It utilizes techniques from the best approaches in Online Marketing, Direct Response, and MMA/MMM models.

Changes in consumer behavior have reduced the impact of many traditional marketing tools like TV, print and radio. To maximize marketing ROI, companies must dramatically reinvent their marketing programs.

Moneyball Marketing by Bloomberg Businessweek Innovation Columnist Larry Popelka will change the way you think about marketing.