The New 5 Forces

The business world is rapidly changing – and most large companies have struggled to keep up. Five key forces are driving this change. If you want to be successful in this new era, you must understand and harness them.

  1. From: Centralized Communications → To: Distributed Communications

    Aided by the internet and mobile devices we have moved from a centralized world, where all information came to us from mass media to a more efficient decentralized world, where information flows between individuals.

  2. From: One size fits all → To: Specialized Lifestyles

    We have moved from an era of mass market products to specialized and customized products tailored to individual lifestyle needs.

  3. From: Era of Industrialization → To: Virtual Business World

    We have moved from an era where the manufacturer was king to an era where manufacturing is a commodity and the product innovator is king.

  4. From: Insensitive Corporations → To: A Kinder, Gentler World

    We have moved from an era where consumers had few choices and bought what was available to an era of infinite choice, where consumers are choosing not only what product they want but what kind of company they want to have producing it.

  5. From: Top down Direction → To: Democratized Everything

    We have moved from an era where people listened to and followed powerful institutions to an era where the people expect to have a vote on everything.

Read more about the new 5 Forces in Larry Popelka’s book, Moneyball Marketing