Our Story

GameChanger was founded by Larry Popelka, former VP of marketing at Clorox and Sandy Brawley, former Clorox National sales manager. From 2002-07 Popelka and Brawley established and led a corporate innovation and ventures team for Clorox CEO Jerry Johnston.

Over the course of 5 years, with less than 10% of the company’s innovation budget, Popelka and Brawley’s team generated approximately 70% of the company’s growth from innovation, including Green Works cleaners, Clorox Toilet Wand, Clorox Anywhere and others.

In 2004, Monitor Consulting called our ventures program at Clorox “The Best Approach we’ve seen to corporate ventures in consumer products.”

GameChanger was established in 2007 to make Popelka and Brawley’s approaches available broadly. The GameChanger process is unique in that it combines fast and flexible entrepreneurial techniques with big company skills and knowledge to drive more impactful, cost-effective growth and innovation.