Robotic Police, Human Clones, Toilets that Analyze Urine – Innovations from CES 2023

New Innovations from CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES2023) was in full swing last weekend in Las Vegas – and GameChanger was there to bring you the highlights.  Here are the Top 10 new innovations likely to change the world – and possibly your business – in the coming years:




1 – Virtual Human Clones – Through the power of Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to create a clone of yourself. Your clone lives online, as an avatar on a video screen or as a hologram.  Clones can be trained to carry on a two-way conversation – listening, responding and answering questions the same way you would.  In addition, with Artificial Intelligence, your clone can also learn and adapt based on feedback from people it interacts with.

Deepbrain AI, a South Korean Company, is now creating Artificial Human Avatars for use in customer service, media, training and other business applications.  Ploonet, another South Korean company, offers software that allows people to clone themselves.  The software is being used mainly to create Sales Demo people and Educators.  The company also suggests uses as Brand Ambassadors, News Announcers, in Political Campaigns, or as a way to preserve aging celebrities and loved ones.  If only we had cloned Steve Jobs!

2 – Urine Analysis Toilet – When you pee in the new Vivoo Smart Toilet or the Withings U-Scan Urine Analyzing Toilet you can find out in just 90 seconds if your body fluid is healthy and your nutrition is correct. The toilets test for sodium, magnesium, calcium, ketones, vitamin C, oxidative stress and proper pH. Results appear on your smartphone.  The U-Scan can also track women’s menstrual cycles.






3 – Robotic Police, Dentists and Lifeguards – Robots are coming in areas you wouldn’t expect. The Ekin Patrol G2 automates police traffic enforcement by tracking speed and parking violations, illegal turns and traffic signal violations.  It captures make, model and color of vehicle, reads the license plate, and even turns on the siren on top the vehicle to chase the violator. In Dentistry, there is now the FDA-Approved dental robot, Yomi, by medical equipment manufacturer Neocis.  Yomi assists dentists in providing more precise dental Implant surgery.  And to keep us all safe in the water, there is now U-Safe, a motorized Lifeguard Robot.  U-Safe zips through the water faster than a human lifeguard and floats like a lifesaver ring, so it can get to the victim and then pull them to safety in just seconds.


4 – Robotic Power Equipment – Construction and Power Equipment is going robotic, also. Caterpillar has a remote-controlled bulldozer, so you no longer need an operator to ride in it.  Someone can just sit off to the side and operate it like a video game.  John Deere has Exact Shot, a new Smart Tractor that can target fertilizer more precisely to plants, reducing fertilizer use by over 60%.  For the home, New York-based Yarbo makes robotic lawnmowers, snowblowers, leaf blowers, sprinklers, sweepers, plows, vacuums and other yard-work gadgets that work on their own – so no need to even lift a finger.

5 – Virtual Touch – Coming soon, when you log into that Zoom video call, you’ll be able to shake hands with the other person on the call, and touch objects that are thousands of miles away. This is all possible with a new technology called Haptics, which is quickly evolving for business and video games.  bHaptics, a South Korean start-up company, makes the Tact Glove and Tact Suit.  Both devices work in the Metaverse with the Oculus VR system.  The glove allows you to touch and feel things.  The Body Suit allows you to have a full-body experience inside video games.  Seattle-based HaptX also offers a Haptic glove that has hundreds of microfluid actuators for a superior sense of touch, designed for business applications.

6 – Intelligent Health Care Devices – Technology-based healthcare devices can monitor your vital information, and now with Artificial Intelligence some can even heal you or write prescriptions.  The Frenz Brainband from Colorado-based Earable Neuroscience is a headband that monitors brainwaves and heartbeat and adjusts your environment to help your body sleep better at night and stay alert during the day. When you want to go to sleep, the Brainband selects music from your smartphone to help you sleep.  Using Artificial Intelligence it adjusts the volume and song selections over time to help get you to sleep faster.  During the day, the Brainband helps keep you focused at work by sensing when your brain is faltering and alerting you.

Another product, iSynchWave from South Korea-based iMediSync is designed to help improve mental health.  The iSynchWave device is a helmet that measures EEG brain activity and then provides LED therapy.  It uses Artificial Intelligence to adjust treatment.

You can even get eyeglass prescriptions now without going to a doctor’s office.  EyeQue, a Silicon Valley-based company offers a program that works with your smartphone to conduct vision-testing.  The system precisely measures vision in each eye, generates a prescription and pairs you with a remote eye doctor who can review and sign-off on the prescription.

7 – Portable Power – Cars, trucks, buses, power tools are all going electric. There was a vast array of companies introducing new electric vehicles at the show.  But how to keep all of those vehicles going?  A number of companies were showing off new electric rapid-charging solutions – and many of them are portable.  The Roadie from Boston-based Sparkcharge is a portable car recharger that goes anywhere.  The new Jackery Explorer 1000 from Silicon-Valley-based Jackery Inc. is a portable solar-powered generator that goes anywhere and re-charges in sunlight in just 1.8 hours.  There is even a car that charges itself without being plugged in.  Dutch startup Lightyear has just introduced the Lightyear 0 Car, the world’s first solar-powered car.  Solar Panels on the outside of the vehicle recharge the battery while you are driving or parked in the sun.

8 – Ear Buds for Super-Human Hearing – Now you can get Ear Buds that 

not only play music but improve your ability to hear. Hewlett-Packard in partnership with Australia start-up Nuhera Ltd. has just launched the HP HearingPro Ear Buds.  They look like regular Earbuds and play music through Bluetooth.  If you are hard of hearing, they are comparable to a medical-grade hearing aid to amplify sounds.  But if you have no hearing problems, you can still use them to hear better – as they are effective at eliminating background noise in restaurants or noisy areas and  allowing you to hear directionally, so you can focus your hearing on the people you want to communicate with.


9 – Effortless Cleaning – Cleaning and sanitizing is about to get a lot easier, as there are several new devices that clean and sanitize on their own or with the press of a button. The new LG Styler is a clear box for storing shoes. Close the box and in just 80 minutes your shoes are clean and sanitized, eliminating all those smelly foot odors.







Germpass from Jacksonville, FL start-up MicroLumix is a Box with a UV Light that kills germs on doorhandles and other frequently-touched surfaces in just 5-seconds.  Just place the box on the area to be sanitized, slide it shut – and the surface is germ-free without using chemicals or scrubbing.

10 – Home in a Box – Several companies are working on making housing affordable and more portable through Pre-Fab Home solutions. Las Vegas-based start-up Boxabl offers the Boxabl Casita, a 375-square-foot foldable house that unpacks and assembles in one hour. The house has a full-size kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room for about $50,000.  The houses can be connected and stacked.  Vessel, a Texas-based start-up makes more upscale Pre-Fab units with large glass windows and elegant interiors that are designed for people who want to live in remote areas with scenic views without investing in new construction. The Vessel homes sell for about $150,000.

Other Notable Innovations:

1 – Suntory Liquid Drawing – Suntory, the Japanese beverage company, has developed LiDR, a device that draws 3-D images in liquids. You can write your name inside a cocktail – or a special message to that special someone.

2 – LG Wireless TV – Now you can ditch all those wires in the back of your TV. LG has developed a wireless OLED model.  You still need wires, but they hook up to an out-of-sight LG transmission box in the same room.  The box sends a wireless signal to your TV


3 – Ring Dash Cam – Ring, the doorbell video security company, has developed a Ring device for the dash of your car. If someone breaks into your car it will catch them on video. It also records activity outside your car.

4 – Listen to your Stomach – GutNote is a Smartphone App from Suntory that monitors the sounds of your stomach rumblings and bowels and analyzes them to monitor your health.

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