Your Biggest Innovation Barrier

Your Biggest Innovation Barrier            

Need a big new innovation?  Most companies already have winning ideas.  The problem is they’re probably buried in your stage-gate approval process – or worse sitting on the sidelines because they haven’t achieved consensus approval.

Big companies often miss the best new concepts because they look different or risky.  The big yogurt players – General Mills and Danone – both had the Greek Yogurt concept long before it became a blockbuster, but they failed to act because it didn’t pass BASES testing.

The only way to accurately screen new ideas is take them to stores and see if consumers will buy.  Now for just $35K you can do that.  With our GameChanger Weekend Lab LTE, we will test your new product in real stores and get real purchase data.   Successful GameChanger tests have helped many companies that were on the fence about new innovations understand their true potential – and get Management support to launch them.

Our tests only take 6 weeks to set up.  You don’t even need to have a product; we can make or build a surrogate for you.

Do you have some innovative new concepts that are stuck in your pipeline?  Let us help you unlock their potential.  Send me a note at: [email protected]

We look forward to helping you innovate.

Michael Barde, Manager Business Development