GameChanger 2022 Retail Lab Store Lineup Announced

GameChanger Announces 2022 Retail Testing Partner Lineup

GameChanger Products, LLC – the leading In-Store Testing Research Company in the U.S. – announced today its 2022 lineup of partner retailers for in-store testing.

The list includes a wide range of grocery and alternative channel retail chains across the U.S.  Highlights include:

  • Sprouts – GameChanger has extended its testing partnership with Sprouts, a leading natural organic grocery retailer, for its 8th consecutive year now. Sprouts now has stores and offers testing in several geographies, including Denver, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles and Phoenix.
  • Safeway/ Albertson’s – GameChanger is continuing its testing partnership with this chain, covering Dallas and Northern California.  Both divisions also have access to Shopper Card Data.
  • Convenience Stores – Convenience Store chains QuikTrip in the Midwest and South and Timewise in Houston are continuing as GameChanger partner retailers. The chains have a combined 800 stores in 9 different states.
  • Costco – GameChanger continues to be the only research company approved to conduct Shopper Research in Costco. We have testing relationships with Costco Los Angeles, Costco Northeast and Costco Pacific Northwest.
  • A-List Retailers – Five of our retail partners are continuing to offer discounted costing for 2022, allowing us to perform Full Retail Lab tests for as little as $70K for a 6-store x 6-week test. These chains include Lowes Foods in Carolina, Nugget Markets in Sacramento, Woodman’s in Milwaukee, Roche Brothers in Boston and Lunds & Byerlys in Minneapolis.
  • 18 Regional Grocery/Drug/C-Store Chains – GameChanger has testing partners in all regions of the U.S. Our retail partners allow full data access, customized set-ups so that GameChanger can determine shelf location and pricing, customized marketing tactic placement by GameChanger to mimic a retail launch, and shopper research. The chains are listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

“We’re delighted to once again offer an outstanding lineup of retailers for in-store testing,” said Larry Popelka, GameChanger CEO.  “Over the years we have been able to identify a core group of partner retailers that allow us to work seamlessly with them to provide consistent, timely set-up and reporting.

“As we’re now conducting approximately 100 store tests per year, our retailer partnerships have strengthened, and our test management processes have improved.  Our tests in 2021 were for package changes, new products, line extensions, new marketing and category resets.  Many of these things can only be accurately evaluated through in-store testing where we quantify test vs. control store sales performance and have ongoing hands-on store management.”

GameChanger Retail Lab tests are 100% turn-key.  GameChanger handles all set up with the retailer, test management, analytics and in-store research.  GameChanger also provides dedicated on-the-ground store coverage for each test to ensure accurate store conditions.  In addition, optional Shopper Research and Post-Use Research is available on all tests, as well as Shopper Card Data Analysis for tests with retailers that have shopper cards.

For all tests, GameChanger’s Clients are allowed to specify retail pricing, shelf location, facings, marketing tactics, in-store signage and merchandising.  Testing costs start at just $32.5K for in-store Smartphone Research and $70K for a 6-store x 6-week Full Retail Lab – including all retailer fees, set up costs, reporting and advanced analytics.

For more information or to schedule a test, contact us at 510-521-7985 or [email protected]

2021 Retail Testing Partners

  • Albertson’s/ Tom Thumb (Dallas)
  • Big Y (Connecticut)
  • Costco (LA, Pac. NW, Northeast)
  • Discount Drug Mart (Ohio)
  • Giant Eagle (Pittsburgh)
  • Lowes Foods (Carolina)
  • Lunds & Byerlys (Minneapolis)
  • Nugget Markets (Sacramento)
  • Price Chopper (Albany, New York)
  • QuikTrip (Convenience Stores – Midwest)
  • Roche Bros. (Boston)
  • Safeway (Northern California)
  • Schnucks (St. Louis)
  • Sprouts (Natural Organic Stores – Various cities)
  • Timewise (Convenience Stores – Houston)
  • Tops (Syracuse, NY)
  • Weis Markets (Philadelphia)
  • Woodman’s (Milwaukee)