New Research Programs for 2022

We hope you had a great holiday – and hope you have an even better 2022!

GameChanger is entering its 15th year now – as the leader in Transactional Store Testing + Research.  Some highlights of our programs for 2022:

  • Retailer Partners – GameChanger has store-testing partnerships with 18 retail chains, including Safeway/ Albertson’s, Giant-Eagle, Big Y, Schnucks, Weis Markets, Price Chopper, Tops, Tom Thumb, Lowes Foods, QuikTrip, Costco and Sprouts (Natural Foods), and several other regional grocery chains, drug store chains and convenience store chains.
  • Retail Lab Tests – GameChanger’s Retail Lab tests allow you to test new products, new packages, alternate prices, marketing tactics or shelf locations and even full category resets – all in real stores based on real consumer purchases.  All tests come with a full statistical analysis, including Marketing Mix Analysis.  Shopper Card analysis is also available.
  • In-Store Smartphone Shopper Research – With our in-store Smartphone Research, you can conduct quantitative research with real shoppers in real stores in just 4-5 weeks.  Determine trial rates, on-shelf noticing, in-store purchase interest and derived importance for factors influencing purchase interest.
  • In-Store New Product Concept Testing – The best way to test new product concepts for viability is in-store with real shoppers making purchase decisions.  If you have a new concept but don’t yet have a product, GameChanger can either source a Minimum Viable Product for testing or we can conduct in-store research at shelf with package mock-ups.
  • Live In-Store Research + Weekend Demo Tests – All of our partner retailers are again allowing live in-store testing.  We can conduct qualitative or quantitative in-store studies on new or existing products to help you gain insights to refine products or marketing.  Your team members can also shadow our researchers – so this is a great opportunity for first-hand learning in-store.

If you want to learn more about GameChanger’s Retail Testing options, call us at 510-521-7985 or send us an email at [email protected]

Let’s make 2022 a great year for innovation!  Best Wishes for the New Year!